Cherry More – Pure Australian Cherry Juice

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Nutritional Values

  • High in Energy, Protein and Fibre.
  • Low in Fat and Sodium
  • Gluten and Dairy Free

Storage Information

  • Store at room temperature, store in the refrigerator after opening consume within 7 days of opening.


  • 100% Single Origin Australian Sweet Cherry Juice

Cherry Juice Processing

  • Our sweet cherries are handpicked in our orchard in November and December annually. Our cherries are then hydro cooled and graded by size and quality. Most of our cherries end up being packed fresh ready for you to eat. However there are a lot of cherries that don’t make it to your fridge at home because they are blemished with skin markings usually caused by wind or rain. We produce our juice from the same fruit that you would buy from your local green grocer in summer.
  • These cherries are then transported to a local site for crushing, pasteurisation and bottling. After pasteurisation and bottling our juice has an extended shelf life when stored in a cool dry place.

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