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Borrowdale Free Range Pork is sourced from family farmers. The farms, borne from a desire to raise pigs in a stress free environment with a focus on animal welfare practices, are pioneers of commercial free range pork production.

The farms are an ideal home for the pigs to display their natural behaviors, being certified APIQ Free Range. Protection from the elements is provided with insulated huts filled with deep straw bedding for comfort. Being able to forage on pasture, the pigs are also provided with balanced diets to closely match those of their wild ancestors.

What Sets Borrowdale Apart?

No Moisture Infusion

No Added Hormones

APIQv® Certified Free Range

Carbon Neutral Certified


What Does APIQ Free Range Approved Mean?

Borrowdale free range pork adheres to the APIQ free range industry standards, ensuring weaners, growers and sows have access to extensive outdoor areas their entire lives. The environment is enriched with wallows and areas for rooting and foraging. APIQ free range standards also ensure water and food is always accessible and that environmental welfare is also maintained. Low stress animal husbandry practices underpin superior pork which is succulent, tender and all natural.


Carbon Neutral

From 14 June 2019, Borrowdale is certified as NoCO2 under Carbon Reduction Institute’s NoCO2 Program. This means Borrowdale can claim to be a carbon neutral pork. All products by Borrowdale from the date of certification are also carbon neutral. Borrowdale has been granted permission by Carbon Reduction Institute to use Carbon Reduction Institute NoCO2 and Carbon Neutral Product logos.




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